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To Ruth, On Your Birthday – February 25

Your best friends and favorite dresses

parade down the runway of my mind.

I see you, a slim, young teen, surrounded by children

who think you sweet and smart and funny.


Through a tearful scrim,

I imagine you in high school and college,

bubbling with life, striving to excel,

sighing over first love.


But now…

Why can’t I see you now?

Would your face be lined?

Your hair streaked with gray?

Would your children rise up and make you happy?

Your husband praise you?


Last night I tried to see you as a mother,

but you hovered out of sight.

I lay in bed and mourned my child

who never turned fourteen

and won’t appear at forty-eight.


Today you smiled at me through crisp blue sky,

still sweet and smart and funny.

Tonight I huddle in my bed and yearn.

You’re still here:  forever thirteen.